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Tuition Coins

Operational Structure

Areas of Focus: Education, Health, Research, and Innovation

Crystal Chain's mission encompasses four key areas - Education, Health, Research, and Innovation (EHRI) - with Tuition Coins serving as the flagship of the mission. The organization aims to leverage blockchain technology to make digital assets more accessible and trustworthy while implementing accountability and transparency in their management and distribution.

Barriers to adopting cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was the game-changing first cryptocurrency created which gave people the ability to make transactions in new and innovative ways. This increase in freedom, flexibility and privacy is driving the march toward digital currencies as the new norm in todays society. However, there are several barriers to the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, including:

Lack of understanding: Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of cryptocurrency and how it works.

Regulation: There is a lack of clarity and consistency in cryptocurrency regulations across different countries, which can make it difficult for individuals and businesses to use them.

Volatility: Cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile, which can make it difficult for them to be used as a reliable form of payment.

Infrastructure: The infrastructure for using cryptocurrencies, such as exchanges and payment systems, is not yet fully developed, making it challenging for widespread adoption.

Trust: Some people may not trust the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and prefer traditional centralized financial institutions.

Tuition Coins solution

Tuition Coins can help address these barriers to cryptocurrency adoption in the following ways:

Education: By demonstrating the utility and benefits of Tuition Coins, the lack of understanding about cryptocurrency itself can be addressed.

Regulation: Crystal Chain can work with regulators to ensure compliance with existing laws and regulations, making it easier for individuals and businesses to use them.

Stability: By having a specific purpose and utility (to fund education), Tuition Coins will allow for less volatility compared to other cryptocurrencies because of the long term hold opportunity that TUIT provides for parents, philanthropists and business owners.

Infrastructure: Crystal Chain invests and takes part in the continuous development of necessary infrastructures to support widespread adoption.

Trust: By being transparent and community-governed (through a DAO), Crystal Chain aims to build trust and confidence in their democratic structure.

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