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The EHRI Group

Tuition Coin is the first token from Crystal Chain and thus borrows from its vision:

Crystal Chain aims to bring an innovative and transparent way to make digital assets mainstream. One that ensures accountability of expenditure, transparency in reporting, and maximum reach to the grassroots level.

Education is one of Four key areas that Crystal Chain aims to help with its digital asset portfolio. The other three key areas are Health, Research, and Innovation. Together they form the EHRI group and give an overview of Crystal Chain’s 10-year goals. The Tuition Coin is the flag bearer in Crystal Chain’s mission.

Barriers to adopting cryptocurrency

It was Bitcoin that started a blockchain revolution. Early in Bitcoin’s development, individuals could mine 50 BTC by running mining software on a single computer. As the popularity of the currency grew, savvy miners realized they could earn more if they used more than one personal computer to mine. Bitcoin miners are companies that have developed technology for specialized chips and huge farms of servers. But as their efforts mounted, the Bitcoin Gold Rush was notably driven by these enormous mining corporations, which made it difficult for everyday people to contribute to the network and get rewarded.

As a result of the ease of mining, wealthy people with powerful computers have gathered Bitcoin. 87% of all Bitcoins are now owned by 1% of the network and many coins have been mined virtually free in the past. One example is Bitmain, a large mining operation that gained revenue and profits.

Bitcoin is centralized and difficult for the average person to acquire. Other popular tokens that followed eventually took the same path where the majority of the population was left out of the cryptocurrency world and it was never profitable for the blockchain foundations to make efforts for better inclusion.

Bitcoin was the first and game-changing cryptocurrency, giving people the ability to make transactions without a third party. The increase in freedom, flexibility and privacy is driving the inevitable march toward digital currencies as the new norm. However, the concentration of money and power presents a barrier when coming up with mainstream solutions.

TUIT solution

After identifying the adoption barriers and onboarding bottlenecks we started working on a utility model where rewards overpower the efforts required to enter the world of crypto-based finance.

There’s a lot to unpack about the reality of crypto going mainstream as the global adoption of cryptocurrency continues to increase. For one, the nature of crypto has always been at odds with many of the institutions we associate with “mainstream” big players such as governments, central banks, and venture capitalists.

At the heart of crypto is decentralization, which also means transparency, immutability, and security. Crypto was built on the heels of an economic crisis, meant to give back financial power to the people and avoid total economic reliance on fiat money and centralized banking.

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