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Why Tuition Coins Exist

Increasing costs and decreasing budgets for education

The use of cryptocurrency in the education sector is gaining popularity, with an increasing number of people using it to pay for education-related expenses. However, this trend is not yet mainstream. In light of the adverse financial effects of the global pandemic, which hit developing countries particularly hard and resulted in large budget deficits, it is crucial to redirect resources back to education. However, the flow of funds in any industry is limited by the regulatory environment surrounding it. Therefore, the first step towards transformation in the education sector is to advocate for a regulatory environment that supports the use of cryptocurrency for education funding.

Tuition Coins aim to bring the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the masses by educating the general public on the future of finance and related technologies. With a focus on improving access to quality education, Tuition Coins aim to play a key role in providing the necessary resources. By appealing to a wider audience beyond just existing blockchain enthusiasts, Tuition Coins hope to promote wider adoption and integration of these innovative technologies.

Our Mission: Bridge the gap in compensation for educators and enhance traditional scholarship programs.

It's widely known that teacher salaries are lower compared to other occupations. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reports that the average salary of a teacher in the US is slightly above $50,000, which is significantly lower than the salaries received by other professions such as physicians, attorneys, and engineers.

The disparity in compensation between teachers and other professions can have detrimental impacts on the education system. It makes attracting and retaining highly-skilled educators challenging and can result in decreased job satisfaction, leading to a decline in the quality of education provided to students.

Tuition Coins aim to bridge the compensation gap for teachers and provide them with additional sources of income. This, in turn, is expected to improve teacher performance and retention rates in schools. Moreover, Tuition Coins can be utilized to launch crowdfunding campaigns for education-related projects or initiatives by non-profits and other socially-driven organizations.

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