Tuition Coins
Tuition Coins

Economy Of Tuition Coins

Tuition Coins maximum supply is capped at 100 billion tokens. These tokens are pre-mined and exist as native assets on the Cardano blockchain, providing transparency and security for their holders.

Tuition Coin Metadata

Asset name: Tuition Coin

Policy ID: c3675f5d7d013e2c192cdd12d1fe562f4c4f183d321b3a54638b513d

Ticker: TUIT

Description: A digital currency for education, and educators | Students and educators will benefit from every Tuition Coin purchased or spent by non-profits, corporations, and individuals. | Created by – Crystal Chain | Maximum supply: 100 Billion

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Allocation ratio

Allocation Ratio

Educator’s Reserve

60 billion Tuition Coins have been set aside specifically for EdTech platforms to reward educators. The idea is to incentivize and support educators for their contributions to the global education community.

For instance, in the case of Coins For College - the official launch partner of Crystal Chain, educators are rewarded for creating educational assessments and materials.

Team Reserve

20% of Tuition Coins (TUITs) are reserved for the creators and founders. To protect the Tuition Coin ecosystem and bolster its strength, the Team Reserve has been subjected to a 12-year (the standard length of a student's journey to higher education) lock-in period, an unprecedented measure in the blockchain industry. As a result, the education community becomes the largest holder of Tuition Coins, allowing the project to be guided by a democratic community of stakeholders.

Development Reserve

10% of TUITs are reserved to be used by Crystal Chain for the expansion of the Tuition Coin ecosystem. It includes but is not limited to:

  • Project onboarding
  • Creation and maintenance of Tuition Coin DAO
  • Development of educator rewards integration APIs
  • Marketing
  • Administrative expenses

Supply Reserve

10% of TUIT tokens are allocated towards maintaining a strong liquidity pool, which helps with the seamless trading and exchange of Tuition Coins on centralized as well as decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Tuition Coins

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