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What is TCAP?

The Tuition Coin Campus Ambassador Program is a chance for you to kickstart your career in Web3. As an Ambassador, you will form an essential bridge between Tuition Coin and the students who can benefit most from this exciting new platform. You will lead workshops and be the catalyst for your fellow students from all over the world pursuing the higher education programs of their dreams.

By working closely with the leadership team at Tuition Coin, you will gain hands-on experience and insight into one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, and get paid for showcasing your organizational and communication skills which are becoming increasingly vital in this digitally native world. The most promising Ambassadors may be invited for a greater involvement, and exceptional work can lead to a full-time role on the Tuition Coin team.

Why join the program?

International team with a global vision

International team with a global vision

Imagined in the United States, with key team members from all over the world, Tuition Coin is a melting pot of cultures and ideas. Learn from the best as part of a multicultural team looking to solve one of society’s most vital issues.

Industry-Specific Experiences

Industry-Specific Experiences

the speed of development in the Web3 world makes it impossible to study in textbooks and classes. Being immersed in the culture of this new frontier is the only way to learn, and hands-on involvement is a daily experience at Tuition Coin.

Opportunity to earn

Opportunity to earn

Ambassadors can receive apparel, swag, and a variety of amazing accessories along with earnings in Tuition Coin's native currency, TUIT.

Career Growth

Career Growth

Making an impression on our team provides you with a golden opportunity to get a head start in your career. Even visiting this website shows how proactive you are as a person, and TCAP is your chance to show that to the world.

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Roles & Responsibilities


Social Media Marketing

Any important events, updates, milestones, roadmaps will be highlighted on your social media platforms. Not only in terms of just following Tuition Coin’s social media, but also you have to be at par with everything that's happening within.


Organizing Workshops

One vital role is to spread awareness about the platform among your fellow students. Apart from one-on-one interactions, you will conduct small informal workshops/seminars and inform them of the benefits of joining TCAP.



You will need to make sure that you maintain a certain number of signups (TBD) to remain within the program. Ambassadors who cross the given benchmark, will be provided with additional benefits and rewards.


Circulating Questionnaire

Ambassadors have to curate a questionnaire asking about student details and then asking whether they are interested in Teaching for a good cause + incentive structure. Once the questionnaire is filled by a good number of students, ambassadors will reach out to the interested ones and have one-on-one interaction with them.


Attending Trainings

Weekly/Bi-Monthly training sessions will be conducted by the team at Tuition Coins updating our Ambassadors on the projects that are in the works. Ambassadors will be required to attend these informative sessions to stay up to date on all the exciting advancements happening within the Tuition Coins ecosystem.


Outreaching Fests and Setting up Stalls

Ambassadors are required to negotiate on behalf of Tuition Coins for funding any event about to happen in their respective campus and are also responsible for spreading it through word of mouth to their colleagues or friends from different colleges by talking about the benefits and incentives one would be getting. Once tuition coin becomes sponsor of the event, it is the ambassador's responsibility to set up a stall in their own campus and spread the word as much as they could. Also ambassadors are required to look more closely at those opportunities apart from college events and think about what more could be done to spread this.


Create Content

AMBASSADOR OF THE MONTH is a program where Ambassadors can add their creative input into the mix by curating content surrounding the program and benefits associated with it. Select content will be utilized on Tuition Coin’s YouTube channel and other social media accounts.

Eligibility Criteria

Must be enrolled in a regular full time college program
Must be available 10 hours a week
Should be able to read and write in English
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Allocation of 500 TUITs per month.


Experience letter and internship certificate at the end of the internship tenure.


Offer to extend internship period to selected TCAs.


Select TCA's will be offered a permanent position in our Tuition Coin college outreach department.


Exciting bonuses and rewards including monetary benefits, merchandise, and accessories.


Real world experience of working with a Web3 company.

Gifts & Merchandise

Monetary Incentives

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