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A list of 10+ tuition-free universities around the world one should check out

On 12 Jan 2023

Studying abroad for free, a list of 10+ tuition-free universities around the world one should check out

One cannot deny that studying abroad offers life-changing experiences, but world-class higher education is not free. One of the best experiences a college student can have is the opportunity to study abroad. It allows students to immerse themselves in a foreign country’s culture and allure.

Studying abroad is a great choice for many reasons. Here are ten of them! You can see new terrains, natural wonders, museums, and landmarks of your host country while studying abroad. You can really experience and understand the people, the traditions, and the culture of your host country by immersing yourself in its education system. You will discover incredible new foods, customs, traditions, and social environments when you study abroad. Also, one gets chance to hone Your language skills, better career opportunities, in finding new interests, making lifelong friends, helps in personal development, graduate school admissions and gaining life experiences.

There are many Universities all around the world which gives tuition free education

Among them is Germany. There is no doubt that Germany is one of the best countries to study abroad. It boasts both great universities and a high quality of life that rivals that of other popular destinations, such as the United Kingdom or Holland. Furthermore, Germany is home to some of the world’s best universities – and you can actually study there for free.

Germany offers tuition-free education to everyone! Germans, Europeans, and non-Europeans can study in Germany for free. Almost all study programs at public universities follow this pattern.

What are the free universities in Germany?

Germany has almost 300 public universities and more than 1,000 study programs in total – so you have many choices!

The following are some of the largest public universities:

·         University of Cologne

·         Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (LMU)

·         Goethe University Frankfurt

·         RWTH Aachen University

·         University of Münster

·         Ruhr University Bochum

·         University of Duisburg-Essen

·         Universität Hamburg

·         FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

·         Technical University of Munich (TUM)

·         University of Würzburg

What is the reason for not charging tuition fees at public universities in Germany?

The majority of universities in Europe and the world charge tuition fees to foreign students coming to study there. Even if you’re from Asia, Africa or elsewhere, Germany is one of the few countries in Europe where you can study for free. Generally, Germans believe education should not be treated as a commercial product, and that free higher education promotes economic growth and welfare. Recent legislation allowed public universities to charge very modest tuition fees of 1,000 euros per year. In 2014, the tuition fees were abolished again after years of public protests. Public universities are only allowed to charge tuition fees in very few cases today.

Germany’s governments have also understood the economic and social benefits of immigration in recent years. It is Germany’s goal to attract the smartest minds to study in the country, and ideally to stay and work after graduation. Therefore, there are no general tuition fees for foreigners.


In Australia, there are a number of free universities with government or individual sponsorships for education. Currently, the university is attracting students to enroll in any course they choose. Access to Australian universities has been made easier for international students. Scholarships for international students are very generous in terms of tuition fees and living expenses. In metropolitan areas such as Queensland and Western Australia, universities offer high-quality education to students from around the world. We are going to see free universities in Australia.

Universities in Australia that offer free tuition

·         Australian National University

·         Charles Darwin University

·         University of Melbourne

·         Australian Catholic University

·         University of New England

·         Southern Cross University

·         Western Sydney University

Low Tuition Fee Universities in Australia

·         University of Divinity

·         University of Southern Queensland

·         University of Sunshine Coast

·         University of Canberra

·         University of New England

·         Griffith University

·         James Cook University

United Kingdom

Statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency recorded from the previous years that there are more than 400,000 international students in the UK. In spite of the fact that a large number of people want to study in the UK, money has been a major obstacle.

The following 10 free tuition UK universities can help you fulfill your dream of studying in the United Kingdom. Some of the schools are low-tuition universities. Most of them, however, have scholarship programs for academically outstanding and high performing students, including those with financial hardships.

Tuition Free Universities in UK for International Students

  • University Of Plymouth
  • University Of Cambridge
  • Bucking Hamshire New University
  • University Of West Of Scotland
  • University Of Suffolk
  • Ravensbourne University
  • University Of Sunderland
  • Royal Agricultural University
  • Coventry University
  • University Of Cumbria

For international students, these 10 UK universities offer free tuition programmes and are among the cheapest universities in the UK.


Hockey, maple syrup, and denim tuxedos aside, Canada is an educational haven for students from around the world. The universities in Canada are some of the best in the world, and they have produced some notable people around the world. International students flock to Canada to pursue quality education, which makes it a dream country for them.

Canadian universities offer quality education, and studying there has some advantages. Tuition-free universities do not exist in Canada, but you can apply for fully-funded scholarships that will cover the entire cost of your education. Different types of scholarships exist, such as bursaries, fully-funded and partially-funded scholarships, fellowships, and other forms of financial aid. Tuition fees and housing may be covered by some scholarships, as well as stipends. The majority of Canadian universities are affordable and offer scholarships to assist international students in their education. There are some of the cheapest universities in Canada for international students.

The following list contains a list of universities that offer tuition-free education to international students in Canada

·         Saint Mary’s University

·         York University

·         Concordia University

·         Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

·         University of Toronto

·         University of Calgary

·         University of Waterloo

·         Carleton University

·         University of British Columbia

Although cost is one of the most important factors in determining which university to attend, it is ultimately up to you which university you choose. There are many universities all around the world that is internationally respected. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

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