Tuition Coins
Tuition Coins

Tuition Coins

A digital currency for

Tuition Coins are designed to power reward and compensation systems for Edtech platforms and other stakeholders in the domain of education.

Digital Currency Education
A Ready-to-integrate solution that can be plugged into existing and upcoming digital finance solutions
Tuition Coins - digital education
Entities in focus: Nonprofits, scholarship programs, and educational trusts

Accept donations using digital assets

Better reporting for funders ensures increased credibility

Design better reward programs with better reach with access to a KYC verified beneficiary database powered by Tuition Coin adopters

Reduced compliance requirements as Crystal Chain serves as a ready-to-integrate module.

Tuition Coin aligns with the vision of Crystal Chain:
and Accessibility

We are creating simple and legal ways to manage the flow of assets using our publicly available tools




Maximum supply of Tuition Coins



Reserved for educators



lock-in period for the Team Reserve

Coins for College

Coins For College is the launch partner of Tuition Coins where educators are compensated for creating educational content and contributing to a comprehensive OER database.
Student scholarships

On the Coins For College platform, students earn incremental scholarships for grade level academic and social accomplishments throughout their K-12 journey.

Educator compensation

Educators earn Tuition Coins for creating student assessments and creating learning resources on the Coins For College platform.

Philanthropic donations

Every tax-free donation given to partnering non-profits for students will cause the Tuition Coins earned and held by educators to increase in value.

Additional support

The local non-profits provide the necessary and varied wrap-around support students need to ensure they stay on course from kindergarten all the way to college.

"Coins for College is the great equalizer, that does not consider your financial status, race, or gender. Providing an equal opportunity for everyone to access higher education."

Joshua Samuels
Joshua Samuels

Founder - Coins for College

Altruistic by nature, profitable by default

12 year lock-in period

The team's reserve are locked by smart contracts for a period of 12 years to ensure stability of the system

6 years average staking period

All TUITs received by students through our partner platforms will be locked until they reach adulthood

60 Billion tokens for educators

60% of total supply of Tuition Coins is reserved for educators and they must be KYC verified by our partner channels to earn those

A major Cardano project

Tuition Coin is one of the very few live projects in the Cardano ecosystem and aims to grow alongside Cardano

Become a part of our ecosystem

If you are an educator, you can start earning Tuition Coins today by becoming an active contributor on Coins For College

If you simply wish to own TUITs for investment, you can swap ADA on SundaeSwap for TUITs. Note that the supply for non-educators is limited as 60% of Tuition Coins are reserved for educators only. For more details, refer to our whitepaper.

Tuition Coins

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